10 Must Visit Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers
10 Must Visit Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers

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2022-06-16 07:56:01
Snow capped mountains, pristine frozen lakes and waterfalls, and snow heaped sidewalks...

Snow capped mountains, pristine frozen lakes and waterfalls, and snow heaped sidewalks of a quaint little hamlet, sounds like your winter wonderland enough? For me, it’s straight out of Disney’s FROZEN fantasy land. Winter might be dull, gloomy, and depressing for some, but that magic of Winter is spellbinding for crazy snow lovers. 
So, here’s to all the snow lovers: a list of top 10 winter destinations for snow lovers, from around the world. 
Trust me these places will make you fall in love with winter and its snowy magic.

10 Top Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Image Source: blog.northernhikes.com .

Visiting Prague is every travel-lover’s dream come true. But visiting this beautiful European city during the winter months is enchanting. After the first snow of the season the city is straight out of your favorite fairytale- red tiled roofs covered with powdery while snow and cobbled streets. The temperatures are freezing cold but the beauty makes you forget everything. Suit up with all your winter gear and visit the Prague Castle, discover the Christmas markets, watch a Holiday-performance, go ice skating on the frozen Vltava river or opt for cross-country skiing in the city.

It indeed is a winter haven for snow lovers!

2. Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Image Source: www.meganstarr.com .

This beautiful deep blue colored lake formed out of a volcanic crater is a visual treat to the eyes all year round, but especially in  winter. This becomes a snow lover’s paradise during the winter months. Being less crowded than the summer months, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, downhill skiers, sledders and snow photographers love this place even more. The first timers should definitely go for the guided snowshoe walk offered by the Crater Lake National Park rangers.

It receives around 43 feet of snow each year, thus is easily a favorite winter spot for snow lovers and adventure seekers.

3. Quebec City, Canada

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com.

This beautiful Canadian city along the banks of Saint Lawrence river has a charm of its own, especially during the winter months. The historic city, its Winter Carnival  and snow make the perfect Winter Wonderland for snow loving travel heads. Winters in Quebec are cold, but if you layer it right you can surely enjoy the winter treats around.

Get into the Holiday spirit with famous Christmas markets around the city, walk through cobbled streets of the old Quebec city– which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also for that dose of snow activities do visit Mont-Sainte-Anne.

4. Norway

Image Source: www.forbes.com

The Land of Midnight Sun offers a mesmerizingly magical experience that’s gonna last forever. This country is a chart topping winter destination for snow loving folks. The winters might be chilly as you head inland from the shores, but being witness to the natural wonder called Aurora Borealis is spell binding. Winter months are the best time to see the Northern Lights.

Also not to miss the famous Winter Olympics excitement amongst the Norwegians, which is again highly contagious. Even if you aren’t a winter sport enthusiast the energy all around might as well make you a pro.

The best part of this snowy haven is that one almost ski anywhere.

5. Switzerland

Image Source: traveltriangle.com .

How about a winter break to a quaint Swiss chalet overlooking the majestic snow covered Alps?

Switzerland is a bucket list must-visit for the wanderlust souls, but the winter out here is the perfect winter destination for snow lovers. The picturesque snow villages with ski resorts are absolutely worth the hype. Whether a novice or pro one can ski down the gentle slopes and soak in snowy fun. If skiing isn’t your type of thing enjoy your Swiss sojourn with swiss cheese, chocolates over a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Pro tip, if you are a view-crazy person don’t give the Grand Train tour of Switzerland amiss!

6. Lake Baikal, Russia

Top winter destination Image Source: www.dreamstime.com .

A lake that transforms into a winter sport playground, yes that’s right!

The magnificent freshwater lake is also the world’s deepest lake. Located in Russia’s southern Siberian region, this place lives upto the name of freezing Russian winters. The biting winter chill freezes the lake and turns it to a winter-sport haven for snow lovers and adventurers. Locals and tourists flock over to skate, sled, snowmobile, play twisting and golf over this spectacular natural ice skating rink. Amongst the other things to do, one can attend the Ice Sculpture Festival and bathe in mineral springs nearby .

7. The Dolomites, Italy Image Source: www.annees-de-pelerinage.com .

This idyllic mountain destination is Italy’s hidden gem. The Dolomites is a perfect winter holiday place for all snow lovers and road trippers. Its well maintained roads and the picturesque drive is worth it. The beautiful valleys and peaks are sheer visual delight. If you are a morning person, catch the sunrise and the Dolomites peak reflection by the lake- Lago di Braies. This place has plenty of beautiful hikes and trails to various peaks and lakes. Every nook and corner of this stunning place is worthy of capture.

Unmissable spots around the Dolomites are- Val di Funes (Funes Valley), Lago di Carezza (Lake Carezza), Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks) and San Giovanni in Ranui.

8. Vatnajokull, Iceland

Visit Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers Image Source: worldwidetravel.tips .

The diversified Icelandic landscapes has made this place a favorite among the handful of daredevil travelers. Vatnajokull encompasses Europe’s largest glaciers. The region’s interplay of glacial and volcanic activities has made it home to spectacular ice caves at the outlet of glaciers during the winter months. Lately, this region has grown to be the new-found winter destination among snow lovers and adventure seekers.

These ice caves are accessible during winter months but only with trained professional guides, who know the remote and fragile landscape in and out.

9. Nagano, Japan

 Visit Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers Image Source: www.japanrailpass.com.au .

Can’t really leave out this beauty when talking about snow lover’s winter wonderlands. The quaint and tranquil Nagano just becomes breathtaking with that layer of snow. The stunning views of the Japanese Alps,  beautiful trees, plants and wildlife altogether make this place a perfect holiday destination.

While on a trip this snow paradise don’t miss on- winter sports activities at Hakuba and Shiga Kogen, dining inside snow huts at Kamakura no Sato, snow monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park, the mystical Togakushi Shrine and after all that chill soaking up at the hot springs in Nozawa Onsen.

10. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

 Visit Winter Destinations For Snow Lovers Image Source: www.kimkim.com .

Being home to the highest peak in the world, Nepal’s Everest Base Camp is an international favorite trekking destination. The Everest Base Camp offers breathtaking views of the magnificent Mount Everest and several other peaks nestled in the mighty Himalayan range. It is the ultimate winter haven for all snow lovers, for its stunning visuals. Winters are harsh here but the unparalleled life changing experience gathered while on this trek is worth all the risks.

Hoping that this helps you decide your next winter holiday destination for that snow lover.

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