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List of Travel Documents to Keep Handy for International Travel

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2022-07-29 08:00:07
Traveling is a fascinating and heartwarming experience that provides a fresh outlook or insight into the world...

Travel is the healthiest addiction!

And only those who have fallen for it will know how true this saying stands. 

Isn’t it? 

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • List of travel documents to keep handy 
  • Passport and visa
  • Covid-19 Travel documents 
  • Identification documents 
  • Travel itinerary details  
  • Air Tickets 
  • Foreign currency
  • Travel insurance 
  • Conclusion


Traveling is a fascinating and heartwarming experience that provides a fresh outlook or insight into the world. For a lot of people, traveling has become a top priority as it takes you out of your comfort zone and ushers us to whole new enlightenment. For many, domestic trips are reviving and fun as it is within one’s familiar territory but when it comes to international trips, especially if it’s your first trip, then there is definitely a certain amount of excitement, hope and expectation connected to it. 

Though traveling might seem exciting it also requires a lot of planning and preparation which turns out to be a reality check on their laziness, if put bluntly. So before you jump on the opportunity to go on an international trip there is a list of travel documents that you need to keep handy to reduce the stress. 

You might be wondering why we are so focused on the list of travel documents? 

Well! To be frank, it is seen that immigration authorities turn back around 60,000 travelers every year for traveling with incorrect Travel Documents. It is not just frustrating and stressful for the travelers but they also cost a substantial amount as fines and related losses to the world’s airlines. The issue has also been made worse by the COVID-19 outbreak. Passenger authorities and airlines are exerting to keep up with the constantly changing necessities, whether it be restrictions adopted at short notice, immunization or report papers supplied in the wrong language or format. Because of this, it’s crucial now more than ever to plan and ensure that you have an emergency travel document, especially if you’re going abroad.

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List of travel documents to keep handy 

However, organizing a vacation to a distant nation might become stressful and a little challenging every time. You can become overwhelmed by the amount of planning required and not know where to begin. But don’t sweat it, we can help you.

Check the validity of your passport and gather all the emergency travel documents needed for foreign travel before you start arranging your trip. After that, you may begin packing and shopping, etc.

Before you begin organizing your paperwork, be sure to verify the travel documents needed to enter your target country because various nations have different criteria. For instance, having travel insurance with medical coverage is required if you visit the Schengen area. Thereby it is recommended to indulge in proper research and keep the travel documents ready to avoid challenges in the nick of time. 

Listed below are a few important travel documents that you should never forget to carry, especially on an international trip. 

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Passport and visa

You will require a passport and a visa if you are planning to travel abroad. Apply for a passport in advance if you don’t already have one so that it may be processed and approved in time. Make sure your passport, if you currently have one, is valid for at least another six months or until you return. Always bring along the second copy of your passport with you. Passport copies should be kept both at home and with the travel companion. Keep a digital copy of your passport with you as well. In case the original is lost, the duplicates of permanent resident travel documents will make it simpler and faster to obtain a replacement. 

A visa is a tiny stamp that offers limited authorization to visit a nation for a predetermined amount of time. Some nations offer visas upon arrival. Therefore, confirm that your passport is valid for a visa on entry before traveling there. If not, you should apply for a tourist visa there. It is best to apply for a visa as soon as possible because the application takes some time to process.

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Covid-19 Travel documents 

With the existing pandemic, every country is trying its best to minimize the effect of the Coronavirus on its citizens and in this effort issued a few restrictions to keep themselves safe or reduce the effect. If you are planning to travel during this time then it is important to keep a few additional travel documents handy, like the immunization certificate or the negative Covid-19 report. Some countries even require declaration forms that need to be before or on the time of travel. 

Though these travel documents vary according to different countries and airline companies. So, when you’re planning on a trip abroad, make sure you do your research well on the crucial documents you need to carry along the trip that pertains to the latest Covid-19 guidelines. 

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Identification documents 

A person’s ID proof is something that defines who and from where they are. Having your ID proof while traveling is a vital part of packing too. Whether you are traveling domestic or international, identification documents are vital to check in to a hotel or attend any event. Thus, it is important to have the original and a few photocopies of the ID proof with your other travel documents, always. 

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Travel itinerary details Formulating a travel itinerary requires a lot of time and effort. Moreover, all your bookings for events, adventure activities, hangouts, shopping, and accommodation are made according to it. Losing a track of the planning or missing out on a few details can adversely affect the otherwise exciting trip. So, having your travel guidebook handy will keep your trip organized while maximizing your chances of visiting more places and events. And again, have a soft copy of your itinerary, the necessary accommodation and event documents that you have booked prior along with the other travel documents as it would help in different situations.

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Air Tickets You can’t possibly travel without Air tickets and if you plan your trip around peak time then it is preferable to do it in advance. As there are chances of higher ticket rates and availability of them. Booking your ticket in advance will considerably reduce the flight rates. If you have the return tickets booked then be cautious to carry them along as many tend to forget it which can turn out to be harassment. Also, carry a soft copy of your flight tickets with all the other emergency travel documents.

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When traveling internationally, having foreign currency on hand is one of the most crucial travel documents to carry. It is usually preferable to bring local cash with you while traveling overseas rather than utilizing your credit or debit card. You can avoid paying foreign currency conversion fees with this method. You can also get a Forex Travel Card if you’d prefer not to travel with cash. The best and most practical way to carry foreign cash is using forex cards as it would even save time. The card can be refilled a number of times for further use.

Travel Insurance 
Handling uncertainties while traveling internationally can be a great challenge. So, it is recommended as well as necessary to get your trip insured and carry all the essential travel insurance documents with you. Facing these adversities can bring your trip to a standstill and immensely affect your planning. Therefore, getting yourself and your family insured with a travel policy well in advance can solve a lot of stress and trouble. 
Traveling abroad is a dream come true for many whereas for some it is a whole new experience. But for this trip to progress smoothly you have to consider the above article and keep the important travel documents handy.  
Hope you never have to face the adversity of losing or missing out on these. 
Take it from us, missing even one document can turn your dream into a nightmare!!
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