Places To Visit If You Are A Peaky Blinders Fan

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2022-06-13 13:29:32
Are you a Peaky Blinders fan? Let’s find out if you can connect with us. Traveling is an art...

Are you a Peaky Blinders fan? Let’s find out if you can connect with us.

Traveling is an art and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Only few can understand the spontaneity and you can never get bored of it, if you are a true travel enthusiast.

New places open our minds and widen our views. It also helps in learning new ways of life and brings out the best and worst at the same time.

Do you feel the butterflies in your stomachs in the mornings of a grand tour?

And what if the tour destination includes sites from your favorite television series?

Well, every time we travel to a new destination, something or the other inspires us. Sometimes it’s people and sometimes it’s Netflix. Although a backpacker does not necessarily need a reason to visit somewhere, the way we get engrossed in our web dramas, it gradually becomes our dream- destination.

Often your enthusiasm might seem silly to some, but it doesn’t have to make sense to people if it makes sense to you.

We have seen people going crazy over famous television sitcoms and the actors starred in them, Peaky Blinders is one of them. For all the Peaky Blinders fans, it went from a tv show to a way of life. It’s been a trend nowadays where the site locations get immediately popular and become a tourist spot after a famous show.

Let’s find out the famous places of Peaky Blinders to visit.

4 must-visit places if you are a true Peaky blinders fan

  • Birmingham:

Apart from London, Birmingham is Britain’s biggest city. Greatly inspired by the famous crime drama, this is the best location to work and live. This place is also the hometown for the world’s ground-breaking musicians. The place has a lot to explore that includes planetarium, space explorations and galleries even if you don’t visit as a Peaky Blinders fan.

  • Islands of Scotland

Whenever you are in a Peaky Blinders fan ride and want to visit, places of the Scottish Islands are the ideal heaven. This place is also the ultimate sanctuary for the wildlife. Apart from the outstanding mountains and spectacular scenery, this place can be considered as a perfect space for the beloved. If you are planning your next holiday vacation, the islands of Scotland can be a great location for you.

  • Manchester

If you are naming the vibrant cities of England, Manchester is one of them. And as a Peaky Blinders fan, it’s a must visit place. The city is full of dramatic ambience, inbuilt creativity and outstanding architecture. Manchester is also well known as this place is famous for renowned football clubs in the world. One can go crazy to live the nightlife of Manchester once in a lifetime. Trust me, it’s all worth it. And if you are up for some serious shopping spree, this is the place for you.

  • Westminster

If you are a history lover and have a keen attachment for the royalty, well this is the place for you. Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO accredited World Heritage site and is one of the well renowned destinations to visit in London. One can easily travel to the House of parliament from there. Altogether this place is an amazing place with fascinating history even if you don’t visit this place for the sake of Peaky Blinders.

What travel teaches us?

We can read thousands of books, watch millions of videos and hear real stories from real people but can never really get the feeling of it until we are there physically. In some cases, you need real life experience.

It not only educates us, but helps us in leading a healthy life.

Some of the lessons that life teaches us during traveling are:

  • Makes you more social

For someone it is easy to make a conversation where it’s a task for the introverts. Even if you prefer solo traveling, you need to talk to people. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself in between thousands of strangers is a tough task.

  • Challenges you

Life constantly throws challenges on our faces. They keep putting us in situations that are handled by us in our normal lives. We deal with every issue in our own way and that is what makes us independent. Adventures serves you in such a way, even the trouble solving attitude gets addictive. You lose some, you get to learn some.

  • Opens us to new experiences

The ultimate goal is to open up to the new world. The world that is ruled by you. Visiting and exploring new places, new cultures and new people are the real motives, especially when you are a Peaky Blinders fan. We humans are always striving for more, be it money or traveling.

  • Teaches you flexibility

Surrounded by the travel hurdles and solving them with patience can improve your flexibility in a great way. We can always face misfortunes like train miss, flight delay, luggage mishaps. You might have planned your vacation in a certain way and to accept the fact that it might not end that way.

We have a tendency to visit and connect with places especially if you have a knack for movies and television series like famous crime drama Peaky Blinders. This blog will give you the taste of it.

Xploring Monk gives fancy travel-centric insights. If you are a fan of the renowned television series Peaky Blinders, at some point of time you must have dreamt of visiting the shooting places.

Yes, I agree that traveling is pretty expensive. Although the actual fun is when you make the most out of your budget. All these traveling experiences are fun and you can make real travel stories from around the world and cherish them forever.

On a trip, we should keep our minds aware of our surroundings. We can see and hear news mostly while traveling about people letting their guards down whenever we are on a vacation. Usually we went to our dream destination to release our minds from all the negative energies and clear our minds. One should never leave the chance to explore whenever offered by life.

You are blessed if you can travel.

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