Safe solo travel for women in India
The Hidden Mystery Behind "Is India Safe For Solo Female Traveler"?

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2022-06-06 10:04:27
Are you a travel enthusiast who prefers to travel alone? Is travelling solo in India your...

Solo Female Travelers Truth

Are you a travel enthusiast who prefers to travel alone? Is travelling solo in India your next bucket list destination?

Well! To be frank, Safe solo travel for women in India has its own challenges whether you are a foreigner or an Indian yourself. The most vital question is should women travel solo in India? And whether it is safe to do so?

In this blog, we are about to discuss how India is an amazing destination and how to travel smart.

How safe is solo travel for women in India?

It is undeniable that India does not have a great image as a travel destination, especially for women and more so, alone. You are bound to get some raised eyebrows and valuable advice.

It is much easier for a male to travel solo in India than a female – this is the reason why we are dedicating this article to those women who are planning or contemplating travelling solo and how safe solo travel for women in India is.

Having said that, India is the most beautiful and lovely country to explore and travel to. If you are in search of experiencing a diverse culture, tradition or adventure and have an open mind or acceptance of different beliefs and rituals – you would agree that there is no place like India in the world where you would witness all of it.

Solo Female Travelers

Though India gets a lot of negative press on how safe solo travel for women in India is, statistics do not match up to it. If you go by the stats, India is far below on the list of countries that have sexual harassment or assault cases, especially after Thailand, France and the USA. Yes, there are headlines about female travellers experiencing trouble or harassment but there are also thousands of stays that go unmentioned or untroubled.

However, solo travel for women in India is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have travelled to quite a few places alone before opting for India. There are also certain guidelines that you need to keep in mind and follow. It has its own set of highs and lows. This post will help you work out if solo travelling in India is for you or not!

Unlike other countries, India still is a traditional and patriarchal society and though there is a change for the betterment, it has a long way to go. Globalization and modernization are inducing many women to travel and select jobs and hobbies that involve solo travelling.

Are you solo travel material in India?

Well! let‘s find out!

India is neither Italy nor Bali, to begin with.

It is not a place where you can just visit unprepared and spontaneously. If you want to travel solo in India, then you need to learn to adjust yourself for the time you are there. If you are someone who is a free soul and believes you can dress how you want or go where you want at any time; then let me inform you, India is so not for you.

It is for people who can adapt themselves and persevere. For instance, there are few places where you will not find a single woman in the street after a certain time of the evening. It is also not where you can go all-out feminist and wear short not considering the mindset of the people there.

Solo travel for women in India.

It is recommended to accept these pointers for Solo Female Travelers in India.

  • You should have prior solo travelling experience to any of the countries other than North America and Europe
  • Get ready to dress conservatively
  • Be ready to accept being avoided or ignored around men as they might speak to each other and not with you.
  • Be ready to answer a lot of questions regarding your family, marriage and children that might feel rude.
  • Be prepared to be stared at.
  • Do not publicly show your disagreement with patriarchy. Though you don’t agree with it, it is best advised to not create a scene.
  • Be ready to move on and not dwell on any uncomfortable moments or bad experiments that you might come across.

Only if you are ready to accept these and move past them will you be able to travel alone as a woman.

Here are also a few essentials for safe solo travel for women in India

  • Door stopper to not lock yourself in
  • Mobile phones without a screen lock
  • Scarves of any material to cover yourself while entering temples
  • Sling bags or cross-body shoulder bags to avoid theft or pickpocket
  • Having travel insurance is a must
  • A guidebook or digital information of the place you are travelling as information is power
  • Sunglasses of darker shades to avoid unwanted eye contacts
  • A nice book to give you company in your solo travels
  • Most necessarily, a dose of self-confidence to lead you through

Safe solo travel for women in India.

Tips for Solo Female Travelers in India

  1. Not all are bad, 99% are good people – The majority of Indians are kind, warm and welcoming as they consider guests next to God.
  2. Plan your trip – It is advisable to book your accommodations as you don’t want to be clueless about where to go and end up stranded on the street.
  3. Let someone know about your whereabouts – let your trusted friend or family know about your trip and keep them updated.
  4. Don’t cut back on your spending – Don’t go for cheap accommodations, spend a little more and select a safe and hygienic place.
  5. Don’t post live updates on social media – Till you have a complete private account, don’t share your locations and accommodation on social media.
  6. Avoid sharing too much with unknown people – It is not recommended to share information about your travelling with strangers. It can be dangerous.
  7. Go for a local sim card – Getting a local sim can be handy in many ways from booking a cab to making calls.
  8. Travel in daylight – Try reaching any new city in the daylight since India is all about long schedules and journeys.
  9. Trust your intuition – If you do not feel right about a place, person or circumstances then it is wise to make an excuse and leave.

Solo travelling is fun and exciting and for some, it is discovering themselves.

By the way, India is an incredible and amazing country that has begun encouraging travelling by taking many precautionary steps for safe solo travel for women in India. So get your bags packed and begin your solo travel in safety to create some of the most memorable moments in life.

India awaits!

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