Travel To Count The Unknown Miles
Travel To Count The Unknown Miles

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2022-06-14 13:17:20
Do you like to travel? The answer is simple: We all do! Whether it is a long walk or lazy...

Travel Memories

Do you like to travel?

The answer is simple: We all do!

Whether it is a long walk or lazy peaceful breakfasts or new experiences, new people, new culture, new places and new memories, we all enjoy traveling. It makes you feel alive and rejuvenated. There is no denying that traveling aids in a healthy lifestyle, healthy mind and body.

Traveling and the memories associated with it can completely transform your life for the good. Travel memories leave a deep and enduring impression on our lives. One of the benefits of traveling is that it makes travel memories last as the experience is embedded in our minds.

When you explore the unknown squares and alleys the encounter provides a challenging and exhilarating experience that makes travel memories last longer for us.

What are the benefits of traveling and how does it make travel memories last longer? Why is it important? 

Traveling has a lot of other benefits too. Studies have shown that traveling is good for mental health, and well-being and is also a great stress buster.

Scientists have proven that traveling enhances the body and mind because a few moments in the sun raises the level of Vitamin D and boosts our mood. It is also good for our hearts, as it relieves stress and anxiety. Not just this but it also enhances creativity, the level of satisfaction and happiness.

Traveling comprises many types, it could be with family, friends, solo or adventurous trips. However, it might be, traveling, in general, is truly wonderful. When you travel you encounter a lot of discomfort, troubles, headaches and hassles but these are what make travel memories last. The memories acquired during these travels whether the crazy moments, the funny ones or even the frustrating ones are what we grow fond of.

People nowadays turn towards experiencing such moments on special occasions rather than being materialistic. There are many special ways to capture these experiences and make travel memories last.

Traveling creates many priceless memories that can not be captured in pics alone. Make travel memories last an eternity with these quirky creative methods that you can share, store and show to everyone.

Here are a few ways to make travel memories last a lifetime.

  • Travel Scrapbook – What fun is it to have all your photos saved on your phone? Why not select your favorite ones and print them out to create a travel scrapbook. Travel scrapbook is an amazing way to make travel memories last a lifetime. It is a unique and creative way to preserve the memories of the trip. You can start with the phones and then go on to add air or train tickets, and receipts of any of the different activities you were involved in with a small note or message that you would like to remember. You can decorate it with a lot of beautiful background patterns, decorating items, drawings and stuff. It may seem more of an art project that has certain priceless memories attached to it.
  • Destination Box – The coolest way to make travel memories last is to make destination boxes for each place you visit. You can cover the boxes with colorful papers and ornaments to give them a dramatic effect. You can fill these with souvenirs, receipts, tickets and other items that you have collected from those places or trips. This way your travel mementoes will be organized and can also complement the decor of your room or house.
  • Souvenir – You can make travel memories last longer by collecting unique souvenirs from the places you visited. It could be anything from coins, keychains, statues, miniatures of monuments, paper maps, patches and so on. You can also focus on collecting one particular item from different places.
  • Sandglass jars  one of the many ways to make travel memories last is to collect sand from beach destinations that you have visited and store them in beautiful clear glass jars along with pebbles and shells. The jars can be labelled with a tag for the different places you have been. You could display these glass jars as decoratives in your living room or personal space and relive the special moments every time you look at them.
  • Pebble collection – This is one of the simplest ways to make travel memories last. It is mostly for those who are not that good with crafts or do not have much time to invest in these things but still want to preserve the memories. You can keep a large glass bowl or jar as a great addition to the bookshelf and keep the pebbles you have collected in different places with the time and place written on them.
  • Postcard journal – A simple journal usually comprises your everyday episodes and events but a travel journal is different. It is a unique way to make travel memories last. By creating a postcard journal, you can collect postcards from the places you have visited and note down the important things you want to remind yourself about the trip. You could have a single journal containing postcards of different places or have a journal dedicated to each trip.
  • Foliage collection – Those of you who are more inclined to nature and love traveling to mountains and forests can easily indulge in foliage collection to make travel memories last longer. Each place has its own unique green cover which is different from the others. Whenever you are traveling to any of these places you can just slip a few leaves, that are only found in that region, into a book. When you are back from the trip you can save them in your journal as a record of the place you traveled or frame them and display it on the wall or make a collage of them. Dried dead leaves are great vacation crafts.
  • Spices bringing back different local spices from the place you have traveled is also a great way to make travel memories last. Though this may not be preserved for a long time compared to the others nonetheless, these are also one of the ways to reminisce the true essence of the trips you have been to. This is especially for those who enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes.

Many of us travel to make memories and to make travel memories last longer it is important to document these trips. Besides these, there are many other ways that you can try out. After all, every individual is different and has their preferences.

So, travel hard and

make travel memories last


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2022-06-14 13:17:20
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