Things You-Have Been Doing Wrong While Travelling
Things You Have Been Doing Wrong While Travelling

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2022-06-13 13:58:41
Have you ever gone traveling? Was it a planned or unplanned one? Did you ever face...

Have you ever gone traveling? Was it a planned or unplanned one? Did you ever face problems or experienced common travel mistakes to avoid?

Well! We all have at some point come across common travel mistakes that otherwise could be avoided.

But whether it’s the Instagram effect or the current trending thing – recently travel is on everyone’s mind. Posting travel stories and reels are the next coolest thing to do for almost everyone. Who wouldn’t like to get noticed or seek the attention of the world in general.

But according to me, traveling isn’t about updating the world or your acquaintances about the places you have visited or the activities you were involved in. There is a huge difference between traveling to a place and going on a vacation or holiday. Though both are great and equally essential, the idea of traveling is vast and dynamic that involves a lot of things.

Not many are aware of it!

Vacation is about taking a break or leaving the regular hustle and bustle of work-life and going on a trip entirely for tourism and recreation.

Whereas traveling is more about discovering new horizons and learning or witnessing new cultures. It is about experiencing new lifestyles and ways of living. It’s about interacting with people around there, using local transportation and getting a sneak peek into the life of the people living in those countries. It’s about the first-hand experience that one gets of the place he or she is visiting.

Though there is nothing wrong with going on a vacation, staying at a comfortable place, enjoying the beauty of the region around and relaxing. But the two are almost poles apart, especially for a person who continually travels.

In short, traveling is much more difficult if compared to going on a holiday. Real traveling is about seeing things from a new and rejuvenated perspective.

So, when you are into traveling, it is not always a smooth operation. Some trips go perfectly well but in some, you tend to face common travel mistakes that need to be avoided.

But if you are a beginner and traveling for the first time then here are a few pointers to help you avoid the common travel mistakes that we usually tend to make.

Listed below are a few such common travel mistakes to avoid and the alternate ways to overcome them or solutions to not repeat them.

  1. Getting lost- One of the most common travel mistakes to avoid is getting lost in the region you are traveling. Some people are good with the geographical presentation of a place whereas most of them are not. It is normal to get lost almost anywhere either in the wilderness or marketplace or in a town centre and believe me it is a horrible feeling. But with modern technology, this problem can be solved to quite an extent. Since life nowadays does not exist without mobile phones, you can download the offline map of the region you are traveling to and use it when your internet connection is weak. But it is also advisable to keep a written copy of the address in case your phone battery dies off.
  2. Getting mugged- It is the next most common travel mistake to avoid. There are many dangerous places that we are unaware of unless we are victims of them. So before you visit a place do a little study about the people there and the present financial condition. There’s no harm in being a little alert, conscious and prepared. But if you ever are a victim of such situations – the first rule is not to panic and get emotional, but to think about your options to retrieve your important documents and belongings. Most importantly don’t let such an incident scare you to travel next time.

  3. Losing your mobile phone- Though it may seem like a silly point to add to the list of common travel mistakes to avoid, many people are completely dependent on their mobile phones for almost everything. To begin with, losing the phone could hinder the repayment of debit or credit cards, contact or find the nearest police station, inform your family about the loss of phone, access your e-tickets, book or cancel contracts and even explain anybody about the situation in a foreign land as the translator is usually on the phone. Moreover, you have to deal with all kinds of security alerts if logging in to your accounts through a public computer. So make sure you remember all your passwords, have a backup email address for the security codes and update your account details. So, do not flash your expensive iPhone around and keep it safe and out of plain eyesight.

  4. Falling sick- When you are traveling, falling sick is a common travel mistake to avoid. It can come in many forms. Travel sickness is normal for most people every time they travel, especially on a certain type of transport. So, always keep your medicines handy and try to get fresh air to calm yourself down. Jet lag is when you are traveling in different time zones. It involves restlessness, tiredness and the inefficacy to sleep. If possible go for a walk or meditate or read a book to reduce a lot of stimulation. Next, you can also get insect bites that could be dangerous and sunburns that affect your skin and health. Keep yourself covered to avoid such issues as much as possible. Food poisoning is another common sickness, as eating out at different places can affect your body. In such times, increase the intake of more fluids and avoid dairy products and alcohol.

  5. Running short on money- This is a common travel mistake to avoid, that no one would like to experience but unexpected things happen in the most unexpected times. Planning’s can change, and emergencies can happen so always do a little research on the general cost of living of the place you are traveling and try keeping an emergency fund in-store for such situations.

This concludes the list of common travel mistakes to avoid and the solutions to them. Nevertheless, when you are traveling for long, you are bound to experience these and more but that shouldn’t stop you from traveling. Definitely, the benefits of traveling outweigh the consequences of common travel mistakes to avoid. And these mistakes only make us resourceful and more adaptable.

So, Happy Traveling!

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2022-06-13 13:58:41
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