Backpacker essential things for traveling
Those Essential Things  a Backpacker Should Always Keep in Mind While Traveling

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2022-06-03 14:25:25
Does backpacking excite you? Have you always wanted to go on a backpacking trip? If you...

Does backpacking excite you? Have you always wanted to go on a backpacking trip? If you are a travel-loving individual, you must plan to go on a backpacking trip for once, at least. But, before heading out, here are a few backpackers’ essential things for traveling that one should keep in mind. Especially if it’s your first-of-a-kind.

For those of you who don’t know,

What is Backpacking?

To be very specific, Backpacking is a pocket-friendly, less luxurious form of traveling for solo or groups, where they pack their things in a rucksack. The travelers who opt for this style of traveling are often referred to as backpackers.

Whether first-timers or seasoned travelers one needs to keep in mind backpacker’s essential things for traveling. Here’s a checklist, which might be helpful for all those backpacker travel enthusiasts.

Backpacker essential things for traveling


9 Backpacker’s Essential Traveling Tips

  • Extensive Research and Planning

This is a top priority backpacker essential for traveling. Before starting with your journey one must find enough time and do thorough quality research. This helps in better planning of your tour itinerary.

  • Firstly fix your travel date on the availability of tickets and accommodation.
  • If possible opt for prior bookings of your stay or else keep details of local backpacker’s hostels, guesthouses, or homestays handy.
  • Gather information about the local transportation, and its accessibility from your place of stay.
  • While doing research, sort your places to visit according to your or the group’s preferences.
  • Plan according to your or your group’s pace, and keep room for improvisation for uncalled situations during the trip.
  • Lastly, stay updated about the weather conditions of the place you are traveling to. This will help you pack better and be prepared.

For first-timers this might seem tedious initially but trust me once you get the hang of these backpackers’ travel essentials, you will fall in love with the entire process.

  • Tag Along with Like-Minded Companion

It might seem like being too picky or judgemental, but take it from the experienced folks, this does matter. When you and your companion’s travel perceptions do not match, one or the other keeps complaining and nagging all along. So always make it a priority to tag along with the right kind of companion or gang for your backpacking trip. If you can’t find the right type of travel mate, plan a solo backpacking trip, and you will thank me later!

Take it or not but tagging along with the right type is certainly a backpacker’s travel essential.

  • Pack less, but smartly

Smart packing is the foremost backpacker essential thing for traveling. Try to pack in versatile, lightweight clothing items that come in handy in all situations. That doesn’t mean that you will travel like a hippy. Be mindful of packing in- travel-size toiletries, medicine, and first aid kit. Also, female backpackers should not miss on their feminine hygiene care products, as they might not get access to these stuff at various remote locations. Do carry or travel in comfortable walking shoes, as backpacking trips often demand a lot of walking around or short hikes.

Once you ace this backpacker’s travel essential packing you are on the verge of becoming a pro backpacker.

  • Pack in Compartments- A couple of backpacking trips later you will start realizing that easy access to the things you carry is very important. Thus, get into the habit of packing in compartments. To ease your packing process you can use packing cubes. These things are readily available in multiple sizes. Also, they make your packing more efficient, and in different categories. For your knick-knacks, you can use the readily available resealable ziplock bags. When packed in multiple compartments you can easily access your stuff almost anywhere without letting the world know what you are carrying.

This backpacker travel essential tip also comes in handy for your regular trips or vacations. I very strongly feel that packing cubes makes your travels and luggage less messy.

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  • Quick-dry and Water Resistant Items- However advanced we might have become, weather is still unpredictable. I feel it’s way better to be prepared for all weather conditions. The top-priority backpacker travel essential thing is to invest in a water-resistant rucksack. This ensures the safety of all the things to be carried along. Try packing in- rain covers, umbrellas, water-resistant shoes, and gadget covers. Also, these quick-drying- towels, clothing items, and underwear is another addition to the backpacking travel essential list. Having these items while on a backpacking trip will certainly make your trip more enjoyable and easier.

  • Power Banks and EU Adapters- Our life these days without a few gadgets is beyond imagination. Carrying your phone, laptop or tablet and camera is the bare minimum. But these are of no use when they are not adequately charged. Thus, be mindful to pack in a high-capacity power bank and adapters for your gadgets. Having a power bank will keep your gadgets charged and ready to use while on the go. This backpacker’s travel essential certainly cannot be ignored.

  • Luggage Lock- As the old proverb goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Thus, having a luggage lock ensures the safety of all your belongings while on the trip. Make sure to always lock your backpack. Having a number coded or fingerprint or digital lock saves you from the burden of keeping your key safe. This definitely isn’t only a backpacker’s travel essential but equally essential for all types of travelers and travel aspirants.

  • Easy access Must-Haves- This is a very practical and tried and tested backpacker travel essential hack. Keeping a travel fanny pack or waist pouch gives super easy access to your must-haves while on the go. These must-haves include a wallet, credit and debit cards, phone, a small amount of cash, id proof, and hand sanitizers (post-pandemic travel essential). Having these in your fanny pack also ensures safety.

  • Essentials that come in Handy- Last but certainly not least, here’s a list of a few backpacker’s travel essentials that come in use while on your backpacking trips. They are:

  • Travel pillow/Neck pillow
  • Mini Sewing Kit
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Tissues & Wet Wipes
  • Duct tape
  • Extra masks
  • Spare plastic bags or trash bags
  • Spare Ziplock pouches

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For your next backpacking venture try following this backpacker’s travel essentials checklist. This initially might be a little daunting for beginners, but as you start with it you will just flow with it. I hope this motivates future travelers to prep and plan a backpacking trip pretty soon.

Happy Packing (read Backpacking) folks!

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